Job Vacancy

Job Vacancy

Senior Developer ด่วนมาก

Job Description:
Reporting to and working with Team Leader to help organizations achieve goals with software-based solution.
Often, They specialize in a particular software package or coding language. These information technology professionals may update existing software or develop new programs to address a specific need or solve a particular problem.

Some senior developers may assist other computer information systems staff. They may coordinate the installation of new software systems, train staff on how to use software and provide ongoing support. Preparing reports, writing proposals, updating project specifications and publishing updates may also be among a software developer's responsibilities.
  • Analysis, Design and application systems development capability
  • Knowledge in computer systems: Network, Hardware, Software, Security and Database
  • Strong Interpersonal / Communication skill and team spirit
  • Willingness to learn new things and develop new skills
  • Creativity and thinking out of box to effectively and efficiently enhance solution quality
  • Ability to assist team leader to coach and share knowledge among developers
  • Knowledge of Agile development methodologies
  • English proficiency
  • Age 25 - 40 years old
  • Experience over 2- 3 years

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